We look for pictures.

We look for pictures. The participant of game looks out to himself in the illustrated book for any picture. Others shall guess it. Of 2 years.
23 . We look for a ringlet. Ringlet it is imperceptibly restacked in a fist of other player. It is necessary to guess, the ringlet is hidden in what hand. Of 4 years.
24 . Pictures blots. To scatter ink on paper. To put paper a blot inside, then again to develop. From prints to draw the picture. Of 3 years.
24 . Swing. One lays down on a cover, others lift it higher and swing. Of 5 years. Игры для девочек!
25 . Size. Cubes it is placed on a carpet as size, and we force down them a tennis ball. Of 2 years.
26 . We glue a collage. Newspaper or journal pages it is broken off on slices. From this vykleivay color collage. Of 3 years.
27 . Room from a box. We do the room of a shoe cardboard box. We draw furniture on paper, we cut out and we paste it in a box. Of 5 years.
28 . Beds from matchboxes. We make beds of matchboxes, we cut out small pillows suitable by the size from paper and blankets. We draw on paper of little men, we cut out and we stack in beds. Of 5 years.
29 . Who will blow further. Dui on jams from bottles so that they flew away as it is possible further. Of 3 years.
30 . Tape from dominoes. From dominoes we constitute bones one after another in a long tape, putting them on a short edge. When the tape will be ready, the first bone we push. All bones fall, overturning one for another. Of 2 years.
31 . We make animals of paper. On dense paper we draw any animals. We cut out. We paste a cardboard strip as a support. Of 5 years.
32 . We make the book with pictures. We cut out pictures from the catalog or the magazine. We paste in a writing-book and we decorate a cover. Of 4 years.
33 . We make ships. We do ships of a nutshell: we paste triangular sails from paper. Ships we let to swim in a basin or in a bathtub. Dui on them diversely. Of 2 years.
34 . Mother and child (father and child). With change of roles: adults play children and vice versa. Of 2 years.